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Photo Gallery: Baseball vs. Houston... 5/12/2012
Game one against Houston Baptist on May 12, 2012.
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  • 426 640 Jeff Campbell vs HBU Sat KW Jeff Campbell went 1-for-3 against HBU in the Saturday opener. 5-12-12 206602823 Kory Wallen, Buy Photo
    426 640 Tyler Ruemmele vs HBU Sat KW Tyler Ruemmele got the start in the seven-inning game one, pitching four innings against HBU. 5-12-12 206602827 Kory Wallen, Buy Photo
    426 640 Brett DeGagne' vs HBU Sat KW Brett DeGagne' came in from the bullpen in the fifth in game one against HBU. 5-12-12 206602828 Kory Wallen, Buy Photo
    426 640 Brock Johnson vs HBU Sat KW Brock Johnson pitched 2.1 innings of relief work against HBU. 5-12-12 206602834 Kory Wallen, Buy Photo
  • 426 640 Kyle Bolander vs HBU Sat KW Kyle Bolander fires a grounder to first base against HBU. 5-12-12 206602837 Kory Wallen, Buy Photo
    426 640 Zac Salfer vs HBU Sat KW Senior pitcher Zac Salfer closed things out with .2 innings of work against HBU, striking out one. 5-12-12 206602843 Kory Wallen, Buy Photo