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North Dakota men's hockey All-Americans
Courtesy: UND Athletics Media Relations
Release: 01/03/2011
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Prior to the 1957-58 season, All-America teams were named by coaches, rather than chosen through a formal vote of the American Hockey Coaches Association.

Year Student-athlete Team Year Student-athlete Team
1949-50 Buzz Johnson, F 2nd 1989-90 Russ Parent, D 1st
  Dan McKinnon, D 2nd   Lee Davidson, C 2nd
1950-51 John Noah, D 1st 1990-91 Greg Johnson, C 1st
1951-52 Ben Cherski, C 2nd 1991-92 Greg Johnson, C 2nd
1952-53 Ben Cherski, C 1st 1992-93 Greg Johnson, C 1st
1953-54 Ben Cherski, C 1st 1995-96 Teeder Wynne, F 2nd
  Spike Schultz, G 1st 1996-97 Curtis Murphy, D 2nd
1954-55 Bill Reichart, C 1st   David Hoogsteen, F 2nd
1955-56 Bill Reichart, C 1st 1997-98 Curtis Murphy, D 1st
1956-57 Bill Reichart, F 1st   Jason Blake, F 2nd
  Bill Steenson, D 1st   Karl Goehring, G 2nd
1957-58 Bill Steenson, D 1st 1998-99 Jason Blake, C 1st
1958-59 Bill Steenson, D 1st   Brad Williamson, D 1st
1959-60 Reg Morelli, C 1st   Jay Panzer, F 2nd
1962-63 Don Ross, D 1st 1999-00 Karl Goehring, G 1st
  Al McLean, F 1st   Jeff Panzer, C 1st
  Dave Merrifield, F 1st   Lee Goren, F 2nd
1964-65 Don Ross, D 1st 2000-01 Jeff Panzer, C 1st
1965-66 Terry Casey, C 1st   Travis Roche, D 1st
1966-67 Jerry Lafond, D 1st   Bryan Lundbohm, W 2nd
1967-68 Terry Abram, D 1st 2003-04 Brandon Bochenski, W 1st
  Bob Munro, C 1st   Zach Parise, C 1st
1968-69 Bob Munro, C 1st 2006-07 Ryan Duncan, F 1st
  John Marks, D 1st   Jonathan Toews, F 1st
1969-70 John Marks, D 1st   Taylor Chorney, D 2nd
1971-72 Alan Hangsleben, D 1st 2007-08 T.J. Oshie, F 1st
1978-79 Bob Iwabuchi, G 1st 2008-09 Chay Genoway, D 2nd
  Kevin Maxwell, C 1st 2010-11 Matt Frattin, F 1st
1979-80 Mark Taylor, C 1st   Chay Genoway, D 1st
  Howard Walker, D 1st   Aaron Dell, G 2nd
1980-81 Marc Chorney, D 1st  2012-13 Danny Kristo, F 1st
1982-83 James Patrick, D 1st   Corban Knight, F 2nd
1983-84 Jon Casey, G 1st      
1985-86 Scott Sandelin, D 2nd      
1986-87 Tony Hrkac, C 1st      
  Bob Joyce, F 1st      
  Ian Kidd, D 1st      
  Ed Belfour, G 2nd      
1987-88 Steve Johnson, C 1st      

UND All-America Gallery

Buzz Johnson, UND Dan MicKinnon, UND John Noah, UND Ben Cherski, UND Gerald Schultz, UND Bill Reichart, UND
Buzz Johnson, 1949-50
Dan MicKinnon, 1949-50
John Noah, 1950-51
Ben Cherski, 1951-52, '52-53, '53-54
Gerald Schultz, 1953-54
Bill Reichart, 1954-55, '55-56, '56-57
Bill Steenson, UND Reg Morelli, UND Don Ross, UND Al McLean, UND Dave Merrifield, UND Terry Casey, UND
Bill Steenson, 1956-57, '57-58, '58-59
Reg Morelli, 1959-60
Don Ross, 1962-63, '64-65
Al McLean, 1962-63 Dave Merrifield, 1962-63 Terry Casey, 1965-66
Jerry Lafond, UND Terry Abram, UND Bob Munro, UND John Marks, UND Alan Hangsleben, UND Bob Iwabuchi, UND
Jerry Lafond, 1966-67 Terry Abram, 1967-68 Bob Munro, 1967-68, '68-69 John Marks, 1968-69, '69-70 Alan Hangsleben, 1971-72 Bob Iwabuchi, 1978-79
Kevin Maxwell, UND Mark Taylor, UND Howard Walker, UND Marc Chorney, UND James Patrick, UND Jon Casey, UND
Kevin Maxwell, 1978-79 Mark Taylor, 1979-80 Howard Walker, 1978-80 Marc Chorney, 1980-81 James Patrick, 1982-83 Jon Casey, 1983-84
Scott Sandelin, UND Ed Belfour, UND Tony Hrkac, UND Bob Joyce, UND Ian Kidd, UND Steve Johnson, UND
Scott Sandelin, 1985-86 Ed Belfour, 1986-87 Tony Hrkac, 1986-87 Bob Joyce, 1986-87 Ian Kidd, 1986-87 Steve Johnson, 1987-88
Lee Davidson, UND Russ Parent, UND Greg Johnson, UND Teeder Wynne, UND David Hoogsteen, UND Curtis Murphy, UND
Lee Davidson, 1989-90 Russ Parent, 1989-90 Greg Johnson, 1990-91, '91-92, '92-93 Teeder Wynne, 1995-96 David Hoogsteen, 1996-97 Curtis Murphy, 1996-97, '97-98
Jason Blake, UND Karl Goehring, UND Jay Panzer, UND Brad Williamson, UND Lee Goren, UND Jeff Panzer, UND
Jason Blake, 1997-98, '98-99 Karl Goehring, 1997-98, '99-2000 Jay Panzer, 1998-99 Brad Williamson, 1998-99 Lee Goren, 1999-2000 Jeff Panzer, 1999-2000, '00-01
Travis Roche, UND Bryan Lundbohm, UND Brandon Bochenski, UND Zach Parise, UND Taylor Chorney, UND Ryan Duncan, UND
Travis Roche, 2000-01 Bryan Lundbohm, 2000-01 Brandon Bochenski, 2003-04 Zach Parise, 2003-04 Taylor Chorney, 2006-07 Ryan Duncan, 2006-07
Jonathan Toews, UND T.J. Oshie, UND Chay Genoway, UND Matt Frattin Aaron Dell Danny Kristo
Jonathan Toews, 2006-07 T.J. Oshie, 2007-08 Chay Genoway, 2008-09, 10-11
Matt Frattin, 2010-11 Aaron Dell, 2010-11 Danny Kristo, 2012-13
 Corban Knight          
 Corban Knight, 2012-13          
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