Donation Request and Student-Athlete Appearance Requests
Courtesy: UND Athletics Media Relations
Release: 05/03/2011
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All donation and student-athlete appearance requests must be approved by the marketing and compliance departments prior to taking place or being fulfilled. Student-athletes are not permitted to make special appearances (voluntary or otherwise) without prior approval. Student-Athletes are permitted to provide autographs at fanfests, autograph nights, and special events deemed by the UND Athletic Department as well as during their personal time, but at no time can these autographs be used for monetary gain. Compensating student-athletes for their autograph or a photo will result in a NCAA violation that affects the student-athlete's eligibility and chance to compete for UND. However, a specified, limited amount of autographed inventory will, determined by the athletic director, be made available during the fiscal year. This inventory is limited and will not be replenished again until the start of the next fiscal year. NO items will be accepted from outside parties to be autographed. Student-athletes should refer all requests directly to the marketing staff. See the Marketing staff at the Student Ticket Office in the Memorial Union for the proper procedures and paperwork before engaging in these activities. Student-athletes who are requested for appearances will be contacted by a member of the marketing staff when it has been approved in writing via email. Unless pre-arranged with the Assistant Director of Marketing, all Student Athlete appearance and Donation requests must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the event. Any requests submitted within 1 week of event will be automatically denied. Donation requests less than 4 weeks prior to the event are not guaranteed to be available of pickup by the event.

 Before requesting a donation or student athlete appearance, please read all rules & guidelines on the following page.  Requests violating these rules will be immediately denied.

Donation requests NOTE: Requests between April 15 and August 15 for autographed items are approved on an extremely limited basis due to availability of student athletes.  If the event falls during this time, we suggest the requesting party make the request during the previous school year.

Student Athlete Appearance NOTE: Student-athletes will not be asked to do community service during the first week of classes, last week of classes, or finals week. Student athletes are available on a very limited basis in summer months.

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