Matty Tschider is the women's golfer under the "Dozen Divots" spotlight this time.
A Dozen Divots: Matty Tschider
Release: 04/18/2017
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With the spring season winding down, we continue our "A Dozen Divots" series, which will take a closer look at the University of North Dakota women's golf team. Today's player under the spotlight this time is junior Matty Tschider.

The Fighting Hawks return to the course later this week at the Big Sky Championship in Boulder Creek, Nev.

Where are you from and what do you like most about your hometown?
 I am from Detroit Lakes, Minn., and I really enjoy the size of my town, as well as the lakes in and surrounding it. 

When did you start playing golf and who got you started playing the game? I started playing golf as an 8-year-old and my Dad is who got me started playing (Matty's father Tom, played football at UND from 1978-81 and was a captain on the 1981 team)

What is the favorite course you have played?

 The Tradition, which is one of Arnold Palmer's courses in Palm Springs, Calif. 

What is your dream foursome and on what course would you want to play?

Jordan Spieth 
Phil Mickelson
Rory McIlroy
at Augusta National Golf Club

Who is your favorite professional golfer and why?

Currently, Jordan Spieth is my favorite golfer because I really admire his work ethic and his demeanor on the course.

What are your hobbies outside of golf?

 What is your major and career aspirations? 
I enjoy working out, reading, playing other sports (basketball and volleyball).

What is your go-to club in your golf bag?
My go-to-club is my pitching wedge; that normally is the club that goes right even if everything else seems to be going wrong.

If you’re playing alternate shot, who do you want driving on your team, who do you want putting and who do you want hitting an approach shot?
Jenna Janu; she can bomb it a mile and will hit it straight nine out of 10 times.
Putter: All Rogers; she has a very nice putting stroke and I've seen here make quite a few long putts.
Approach Shots: Alexis Guggisberg; I've seen her consistently hits greens and is very capable of knocking it close to the hole.

How many hole-in-ones (descriptions if so) or describe your most memorable hole out? I have had two hole-in-ones; one was during a practice round with a friend of mine during the summer and the other one was with my Dad and younger sister during a scramble. Both times after I got one one, I would say everyone else was more than excited than me since I still couldn't believe what had just happened.

If you were not playing collegiate golf, is there another sport you would want to play in college? Another sport I would love to play collegiately is soccer. I played for years when I was younger and always had so much fun kicking the ball around and playing games.

What’s your nickname most used by teammates? Matt or Matty since my given name is spelled with two t's (Mattilyn), some of my teammates make sure to emphasize the t's every time they say it, which I think is pretty great.

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