The team at Meghan Dufault's cabin in Canada during the weekend of Sept. 6-8. "It was in that weekend that I felt like we were truly becoming a team." - Amanda Koep
Koep's Corner: Friendship is what makes us a team
Release: 11/14/2013
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This season Amanda Koep, redshirt freshman goaltender, will be giving readers an inside look to the life of the North Dakota women's hockey team. In her latest entry Koep reflects on the time off that the team had during the Four Nations Cup break and the week of practice leading up to the weekend series against Minnesota.

With only a couple of days remaining until we take on the Gophers, several of us were given the chance to head home for the weekend. Most of us went back to our home towns to catch up with some family and friends. It was weird with no games Friday and Saturday. It was especially weird to not see everyone, to not play our weekly volleyball/soccer game before the games, and although I’m not complaining about my time off, I did miss the girls.

Some say I’m crazy, and say it’s good to get some time apart, but for me it was a hard two days of not laughing at Tori Williams jokes and Becca Kohler’s dance moves. Even with the weekend off, a few of us met up at the Mall of America where Josefine Jakobsen almost bought out the entire Nike store.

After Saturday’s shopping, it was Christmas cooking time for my mom and me. My favorite time of the year is Christmas! Whose isn’t? With a busy schedule as an athlete, Nov. 9 was a perfect day to start on my favorite peanut butter kiss cookies. With games over Thanksgiving, and this past weekend being our only weekend off until Christmas, my mom and I did our Christmas tradition early. Which was no big deal, because then my roomies, Tanja Eisenschmid and Johanna Fallman, had treats when they arrived back into Grand Forks after the Four Nations tournament.

I caught up with Tanja who spent the last seven days in Tokyo. She says, “My overall experience was a great one. The Japanese were really nice to us. I had a lot of schoolwork that I had to do in Japan to keep up my grades, but the games went well.” Tanja along with Johanna, Michelle Karvinen, and Susana Tapani all joined us back after a nice day off from school for Veterans' Day.

This past weekend was a great weekend off, but Sunday it was time to get back on the ice and prepare for what’s ahead. We all have been working hard all year. The upcoming games are important, but they're just two games. These two games will challenge us to play as a team, to play a full sixty minutes and to grow as a team and a program. These girls know the true meaning of friendship and that’s what makes this team different and what I think will be our advantage for future games.

We are extremely excited to cross the border into Minnesota this weekend as we face the University of Minnesota. We hope to see some familiar faces there!

All for now, thank you for reading!

Yours truly,
Amanda Koep :)

“Never give up and always believe in yourself.”


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