Hyslop Sports Center

2751 2nd Avenue North
Grand Forks, N.D. 58202

Over the many years, the Hyslop Sports Center has served a number of different functions. Today it houses the athletic administration offices, the athletic academic study center, the swimming and diving pool, weight room, coaching offices and locker room facilities.

Swimming pool

Built in 1982 the Hyslop Sports Center pool is one of the finest in the nation. A state-of-the-art Daktronics video board overlooks the eight-lane, 50-meter pool with balcony seating. The pool is the annual host of the North Central Conference and North Dakota high school swimming and diving championships. It has hosted the Division II National Championship Meet three times in 1992, 1996 and 2003.

More pool information, including hours and rental information, and Swim North Dakota lessons.


Athletic administration

Entering from the 2nd Ave. door gives access to the UND athletic department administration offices. Located in this area is the athletic director, business office, compliance, marketing, media relations, and operations.

Academic Study Center

Nearby the administration offices is the academic study center, centrally located and a comfortable site where student-athletes can study in between classes. It houses a number of study tables and 12 computer stations for student-athlete use. It also holds the office for the athletic academic services director, who can aid student-athletes in their academic pursuit.

Coaches offices

Hyslop is the home for a number of program's coach offices. On the second level, offices for the baseball, softball, track and field, swimming and diving, tennis and golf teams.

Locker rooms

Hyslop also houses the locker room facilities baseball, softball, track and field, and the men's and women's swimming and diving teams. Featuring wood and metal stalls, the locker rooms have lounges and open for student-athlete use during the season and offseason.

Golf, Diving, Throwing rooms

On the fourth floor, UND student-athletes can practice indoors in specifically designed rooms for diving, golf and throwing. The diving room features a padded room with diving board, trapeze harness and trampoline. The golf room features an indoor simulator and putting area. And the throwing room provides space during winter months to work on all throwing practices.



Built in 1951 the Hyslop Sports Center, then known as the UND Fieldhouse was a major upgrade in facilities. When the North Dakota Legislature, behind the urging of State Senators Joseph B. Bridston and Carroll E. Day, both of Grand Forks, appropriated $500,000 for the Fieldhouse in 1947, it was the largest appropriation for an athletic facility at UND since the $25,000 given in 1907 and $35,000 in 1919 to complete the federally-built shell that became the Armory.

However, according to architects at the time, the $500,000 would not be enough. Building began on the facility, but additional funds were needed. During the 1949 Legislative session, another $375,000 was appropriated for the building.

The Fieldhouse, modeled after the Jennison Field House at Michigan State University, officially opened and was dedicated on Friday, Nov. 30, 1951 when the UND men's basketball team defeated Montana State 66-59 in front of 7,000 fans.

The physical scale of the building was also impressive for its time. The size of the entire brick and steel structure was 240 feet by 280 feet, and was at the time the second largest building in the state. The Fieldhouse utilized portable maple floor for basketball games and removed when not in use, which made it ideal for many functions. The Fieldhouse was used for high school basketball tournaments, commencements, and other special events such as visits from Presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

The building's first indoor pool was added in 1955 thanks to a gift from the UND Alumni Association. The pool was 75 feet long and 36 feet wide and 12 feet deep on one end for diving. The current UND Athletic Administration offices are currently located on top of the pool.

Hyslop Sports Center is home to North Dakota's swimming and diving teams. The original fieldhouse was built in 1951, with a multipurpose gym and natatorium, featuring an eight-lane, 50-meter swimming and diving pool, being added on in 1982. The facility also houses 12 racquetball courts, two weight rooms and a training room, in addition to the UND Athletic Department.

On July 17, 1981, the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education officially changed the named of the Fieldhouse to the Hyslop Sports Center in honor of W. Kenneth Hyslop, a baseball player from 1904-06 and major benefactor to the university. Hyslop became an internationally-known businessman and oversees manager of industrial giants International Harvester and the Ford Motor Company in Spain. In 1938 he returned to the United States to become president and general manager of Massey-Ferguson, a farm equipment manufacturer. He died in May 1981 and left $6 million to UND with interest in athletics, physical recreation and intramural sports.