Donation Request Form

Donation Requests: Rules & Guidelines

  • All donation requests must come directly to the athletic marketing office and arrangements will be coordinated with the teams through the marketing staff at the UND Athletic Department.
  • All requests must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the event. Donation requests less than 4 weeks prior to the event are not guaranteed to be available for pickup by the event.
  • Requesting parties should not call the athletic office to inquire about the request. Requesting parties will be contacted when the form has been processed.
  • Requests will only be approved for non-profit organizations and benefit events, in the state of North Dakota and up to 100 mile radius out-of-state (NCAA Rule). Non-profit organizations must provide documentation of non-profit status. Benefits/Fundraisers must provide event documents.
  • Only one request for donation per organization per fiscal year. (Fiscal year runs July 1- June 30)
  • Donation requests can be made for up to 2 single-game tickets to any sport, except men's hockey due to ticket availability.
  • Flyer with information for the event must be provided. Flyer MUST include the bank name and trust fund name/number where funds will be deposited from the fundraising event.
  • Donation requests for gifts or personal use will be denied. For gifts or personal use, athletic programs have designated days throughout the year in which autographs may be sought. Example: Meet the Team events, Post-game autograph sessions, North Dakota Hockey Fan Fest, etc.
  • UND Athletics does not honor requests for monetary donations.
  • The requesting party will be required to make arrangements to pick up all UND Athletics donated items except for tickets.
  • NCAA Violations: It is a violation of NCAA policy to issue tickets or other promotional items to high school groups, or organizations comprised of youth members who are in high school. Therefore, we may not issue complimentary tickets or donations of any kind to high school clubs, teams, other misc. groups, or junior hockey programs.
  • Note: Requests between April 15 and August 15 for autographed items are approved on an extremely limited basis. If the event falls during this time, we suggest the requesting party make the request during the previous school year.
  • UND Athletics does not accept items provided by outside parties to be autographed. Anything sent to the department will be immediately sent back.
  • Only a limited amount of autographed items will be available for donation, once they are gone the inventory will be empty until the start of the next fiscal year.
  • The University of North Dakota athletics department works to fulfill donation requests for a large number of non-profit organizations throughout the community and surrounding area. There are hundreds of requests for memorabilia, player appearances, and speaking engagements each year. Due to the high volume of requests each year, and also to NCAA rules and regulations, the preceding guidelines must be followed to assure fairness. We reserve the right to refuse any request. Please know that all requests are given serious consideration.

    Required Fields are in Bold

    Basic Information Section
    Organization Name
    Name of Authorized Representative/Main Contact
    Phone Number
    Fax Number
    Email Address
    Name of Event
    Event Date
    Event Time
    Event Site
    Event Address
    Date Requested Item Needed By
    Please provide link(s) to event flyer or where we can find more event details. Flyer MUST include bank name and trust fund name/number where funds being raised for the event will be deposited. If this is not possible please email ( or fax (701.777.2285) the event flyer in. Text box should also be used to provide more event details.
    Questions Section
    What type of groups is your organization?
    If other, please describe event
    Please provide your 501(c)(3) tax exempt ID number if you are a non-profit institution. If not 501(c)(3) please write N/A
    Is this a fundraising activity?
    If no, please describe what donation is for in space below
    Will the funds raised from this event benefit any students in grades 9-12?

    If yes, please STOP here. It is NOT PERMISSIBLE for an institution or its representatives to participate.

    If no, please contine answering the following questions about your event. Do not skip any questions.

    What is the age of the person that the donation is benefiting?
    What type of fundraising event is it?
    Silent Auction
    Not a fundraising event
    If other, please describe event
    Name of Bank/Financial Institution where Trust Fund/Benefit Fund is Set Up
    Trust Fund/Benefit Fund Name and Number
    What will the money being raised be used towards?
    Requested Item Section
    What item are you requesting? (You may only select one item) NOTE: No fan-supplied items may be autographed (public fan events such as Hockey Fanfest and the Potato Bowl French Fry Feed are for these purposes)
    If your request is approved, cash or check to "UND" will be required upon pick up for items with costs listed
    Additional details/comments/questions?
    AUTHORIZED AGENCY REPRESENTATIVE: By signing below, I attest that I have read and understand the NCAA rules governing the appearance/promotional activities involving the student-athlete(s) and my organization agrees to comply with the rules to ensure the eligibility of the student-athlete(s). I understand that my request may be approved based on the information provided on this form and any changes require completion of a new request form.
    For Internal Use Only:
    Director of Athletics/Designee Signature - Date
    Compliance Signature - Date